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mercoledì 15 luglio 2015

❀FlowerPower Tour ❀ : Dallo Show di Launceston - TASMANIA + Nuova Tappa!!!

Bentrovati in questo nuovo post!
Come già detto nel precedente, il FlowerPower Tour 
avrebbe avuto una nuova tappa.
Stavolta ci troviamo al Silverdome a Launceston- Tasmania.

Ecco le foto e i commenti scritti nel Guestbook dei visitatori qui di seguito:

un simpatico aneddoto su questa foto :
''The two little girls in the first picture assured me that their hands were 'very, very clean'...so I gave them permission to get up close and personal with the artwork ;-)'' (Prudence Mapstone)

                                Absolutely stunning; words escape me!
Christine in Bridport
Love it.  Thanks for sharing.   Julie
Beautiful work, very inspiring.  from Kellie, Taja and Joli
Very inspiring "indeed"   Roza & Liz
Very colourful.  from Roza & Liz again
Beautiful Free Form Crochet.  Aileen
What a wonderful display.  Jenny from Oatlands
Beautiful, so colourful.  Edwina
You need some from Copping, Tasmania - excellent idea.

It has that pow in it! Laura
Wow, amazing!  Susie
Just WOW!!  Carol
It looks great!  Amazing!  Diggle
Big, Bright and Beautiful  Meagan 
Fabulous - takes me right back to the 60's.

Just Terrific - Beautiful!!  J. Haas
Great community art project.  Margaret
Colourful, zany, whimsical and downright FUN!
Amazing Work!  Fabulous
Love it!  Everyone is sooo creative!
So cheering, and beautiful work - a great joint effort - well done! 
So impressive.  Well done to you all!!
AWSOME, Amazing.
Stunning.  Great work.   Very creative.
A Work of Art.  Beautiful.  Memories of yrs ago.
Very striking!
Beautiful work and pieced together professionally.

Stunning!  Fantastic work people, wonderful colours - takes me back to the '60s. 
Beyond comprehension for non-crafters.
LOVELY WORK from Olivia Hibberd :-) 
How Amazing - Inspiring
Magical, beautiful, pretty, inspiring  from Abbey
WELL DONE!!  :-)
Stunning work, colourful to look at
What a great idea - a community of flowers!

How fabulous! peace, man!
Great work; congratulations to everyone involved. 
luv this!  Jo
Learned to crochet back in the 1960s; but never created anything nearly as wonderful as this - it's amazing.  Christine, aka Rainbow! 
Pieces (of crochet from all around the world) joined in Peace. 
Amazing - from someone who is definitely still an old hippie at heart ;-) 
Wonderful.  Liz
So colourful and fun. 

Love it - so colourful and still contemporary after all these years.  Rita :-)  
Fantastic - wonderfully colourful.  Barb xx
Fabulous colours - has turned out beautifully as a large piece.
What an amazing piece(s) of work! from all those hipsters. Cathy 
Beats wrapping trees with cloth and croquet like we did in NZ.  Paula
These are AWESOME!!!   
I think so too.   from Sophie
Sew Inspiring!!
Thank you to all who gave time and skill to make you feel ALIVE!  Penelope
I've seen the "virtual", now I've seen the "actual".  It is simply astonishing.  Such a body of work for a great tribute to 'flower power'  Congratulations Prudence and all who contributed.  Linda   

L'installazione è già in viaggio verso l'Australia,zona terra ferma,
e sarà di nuovo in mostra la prossima settimana al Craft&Quilt Fair presso il Centro Convention & Exhibition di South Wharf- Melbourne
23-26 Luglio

Alla Prossima Tappa!!!!! 

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